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most rewarding thing about k9

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Posted over 5 years ago


what do you think is the most rewarding part of being a k9 officer?


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What do you think is rewarding about K-9. Hint. Catching the bad guy.


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Imagine it's night. The dog is on a 15 ft. lead. You've been following the dog for 1.5 miles through back yards, bramble bushes, knee deep water. You're tired, wet and your legs ache from all the thorn bushes you've walked through. Then the dog slows his pace and you see him raise his head from the track and there, hiding in the bush is the person you've been chasing.

Imagine being on the interstate, cars whizzing by at 70+ MPH. You've spoken to the driver of the vehicle you have stopped and just have a feeling something isn';t right. You ask him for consent to search his vehichle and he says, NO. You start to walk your dog around the vehicle when you see that nose start to twitch. You hear that deep "popping" sound as the dog sniffs the trunk, and watch as he "sits". As you search the vehicle you find 30 kilos of cocaine that aren't going to be delivered.


I could go on, but I think you may be getting the idea.

Beyond fatigue lies compensatory hypertrophy


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The most rewarding thing about K9 is knowing no matter what you have going on or who your chasing.  Your best friend is always there to have your back through think and thin. HAving a partner that will do anything for you to go home at the end of your shift even if it means laying down his own life for you.  Now having a bond so tight with something like that is the reward all in it own.  Everything else is a bonus.