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NYPD School Safety Police or Civilians?

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I Before i got "on The JOB" I came from the NYPD School Safety Division.

This Division is a "Peace Officer Status" Civilian Division ( Oxymorone). These folks are hard working Agents that uphold, Patrol, and intervine in as much collars or more than the NYPD Uniformed Force. They have been battered and slanged for there involvement as Police Reps in NYC Public Schools and have nevered gotten there pat on the back.

Other States have whats called "School Police" These are sworn officers that carry firearms as any other LEO. I think its time NYPD and the City Of NY Gave these Men and Women the Status of Police Officers.



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Unless and until these people go through the exact same Police Academy that regular Officers do and they are Certified by the State as Police Officers and they have Police Powers Citywide like other Officers, they cannot and should not be considered Police Officers. I know they take a lot of crap but so do many other jobs. Quite honestly I do not believe in playing babysitter to the kids in school. They should be treated just like they would if what they did they had done on the streets. Time that children learned that when an adult in a position of authority says to do something, then by God they HAVE to do it or suffer the consequences.


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Okay. Send them through the academy.


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FYI We have arrest powers  thru out the state of NY.We are are NY State Peace officer.And we do make alot of arrest and unlike Police

Officers School Safety Agents have to deal with people they arrest on a daily bases.Also we go thru the Same NYPD academy just go for 14 weeks instead of 24.Which is longer then alot of other LEO academys.Its not easy working in a School full of gangbangers drug dealers.