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Animal Cruelity-WANT to FIGHT BACK

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Posted over 9 years ago


Hi, just joined. Not sure what I'm doing, but I'll research some more...any suggestions/tips? Why I looked in to this, is, I saw on the news about Dog fighting rings. Couldn't believe or understand it al all! I want to become a police officer specializing in Humane Law Enforcement! I believe it would be very fulfilling but hard, especially at first. I want to help and I want justice served. I know I can do the animal activist thing, but this is something I would like to persue as a career. Am I at the right place to be guided. I think it's pretty neat the bulletins,comments,news,stories & etc. I have a lot of free time now and feel like going for it, just not sure where to start. I have 4 cats that I love and would like ALL animals to have a loving home!!! Only wish I stepped in sooner...But as far as the now, this work could never be too late for the future...Thanks, Charm.


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Welcome Charmbella. You might want to hook up with JessieAngel here. If I'm not mistaken, she is an avid animal person. I'm sure you'll get some wild responses here, but this is a great bunch here who have helped many along the way. Good Luck.