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Do You Wanna Know Who Can Tell You Can Be A Cop or Not?

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I am 41 years old and pursuing a career in law enforcement. 3 years ago I developed a L5 s1 issue that has recently turned into an inconsistent 4 month sciatic pain and inconsistent minor lower back pain when I sit. My experience with the neurosurgeon recently was uplifting but not specific.. He said that he saw plenty of space between the bulge and nerve structures and that they were not touching each other. He said that my situation was not serious  and that I just needed some physical therapy. He did say that it was very important to build up my inner and outer core muscles  around the bulge. The physical therapist indicated this conclusion as well. In fact the P.T. described the objective here is to develop a " protective meat girdle under my skin", around my mid section.

          The most frustrating part of this experience is that they did not tell me what careers are good for me to pursue or not to pursue. They are very generic and unspecific in that regard, when  asked general questions regarding life choices. They said that they did not see a problem with me pursuing a career in  law enforcement but then I got a sense that they would have said that about Pro wrestling too. The P.T. did go on to say that he was only concerned about the sit-ups at the academy.  This is still a concern to me if there is a remote possibility to end up with a  real back problem by going to a police academy, especially if I only just have a slight issue going in as new recruit. The advice from one  friend in law enforcement is that I keep this secret, but part me me wants to just tell all before I go, since Ive been greenlighted by the Medical Doctor and the P.T. Under this rational, I would atleast know that Im not concealing anything, and if my back is good for law enforcement, then they would bring in their specialist to determine so. Honesty is a big deal with these recruiter people accept when it sometimes may not be.

If this specific issue is one of those rabbit hole exceptions to the rule of always being honest with a background investigator then…somebody please let me know before I make a wrong decision?  Currently  I can run a mile in about 7.5 minutes and do about 60 pushups in about 75 to 80 seconds. I have two bachelor's degrees and am about to become fluent in speaking Spanish. No prior service though.

Question: do you know of someone in Law enforcement recruiting who could give a credible assessment of what I should do? Go ahead and give your opinion as well if you can?


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i like it not a word was a lie. being new i thank you for the advice

“In honor, there is hope”


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Nice to know thanks,


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Thank you for your time to read this!

Dear officers, I like pretty much of your conclusion and 3 points, here is my situation, hopefully you can give me some good tips.

I've been the regular visitor of this site, but this is my 1st time posting sth. I really need your help! Both currently officers and applicants!


I have a master degree in Finance, currently work in a bank. But after contemplate, I found out except career in military, law enforcement and intelligence works, nothing else can make me feel exciting.Even I can get a very well paid job in investment banking someday, I hate wear suits and do deskjobs all day along. In all, the civilian jobs just mean boring to me. I'm aware that most of law enforcement jobs include much paperworks and deskjobs too, even 3 letters agencies are not the same we saw in the Hollywood. But I think I can make full use of my talents, including observation, memorization,judgment and my good physical abilities. Obviously, law enforcement jobs pay really good and as well as its job security.


From 2013 till now, I've been applied 6 positions, and still haven't got hired. The first 2, I already knew the reason that I failed on the written test because I didn't prepare well at all. After conclude the failure and did a long term written exam prep, in the most recent 4 positions, I've never failed again any of them on the written test. I passed all of them on written and aced on fitness/agility test. Unfortunately, at the 2 dapartments where I've already knew the reason I failed, I failed 1 time on oral board in Colorado, 1 time failed on psychological test in Alaska, and the rest 2 I failed both in Alaska and Colorado with unknown reason, I guess probably were on oral board and psychological test too.


You might wonder why I concentrate only on Alaska and Colorado, the reason are special. These 2 states are the only place among 50 who accepts greencard holder instead of put strict requirement on U.S. citizenship. So far, I can only apply these 2 states.




Actually, after I failed these 4 departments, I feel like a loser. Indeed, I live like a warrior, the life is so unfair to me. I work full time ,8 hrs a day in bank , after done my shifts everyday, I either running 5 miles on the track or doing hundreds push ups and bend ups. And I also need to cook for myself because eating ourside is expensive and I want to save some money for myself and my parents. I think I live like a real man, and very responsible and independent.


During the written exam prep, I go to library every weekend, I asked many hired officers to seek some advice. I work alone in CA without any friends and relatives, all of my familes are in another country. I endure lots loneliness and the only pillar hehind me is my dream to become a LEO.


But I still failed, I'm so frustrated...




I just want to know:


1. For those hired, how many departments you have applied until you get a real offer, I mean how many times you average failed?


2.Do you think my immigration status impact my eligibility? I read the requirements on AK and CO PD website, they are clear that legal resident alien are welcome to apply. Due to the limitation only in this 2 states, do you suggest me wait until get my citizenship to apply again so that I can apply any states with any positions? I will get mine in 1.5 years at my 27 years old.


3. Do you think my strategy was wrong? Should I apply military officer first and get a veteran DD form to get extra bonus in the hiring process? I know lots LEO didn't have any military experiences and many did, and many department will give 5 extra pts for a DD form! I know it will be very very good if get hired without military experience, so what's your point?


4.My dream is becoming a officer in ICE or NSA, do you think working as a cop is a good jump board for experience?


5.I'm 26 now, am I too old to still chase my dream in law enforcement career?


6. The thing annoyed me is neither PD can disclose the reason why applicants are disqualified and which process they failed, this is really bad because we cannot learn anything from the failure and don't know how to improve when apply the next PD. How do you think this and did you encounter the same scenario when you applied?


7.Without their disclosure of the failure reason, the only thing I can do is conclude the reason for myself. At both of the psychological test, not only they asked thousands of silly questions like you met on the MMPI, but also Wanderlic test. I'm from another country, so I have a stronger math but a weak verbal skills. Everytime of being asked the questions like "Which of the following words doesn't belong the group or which of the following 2 sentences are similar" I cannot answer but just guess. Can this be the reason I'm disqualified because of just this Wanderlic test? Wanderlic is a 12 mins and 50 questions used to test superbowl players. For those 1000 silliy MMPI, I did lots homeworks too, answer consistent, like they ask the same traits back and force with different questions; answer sincerely, police hire human, not perfect robot; for the psychology interview with the doctor, he asked me some simple questions about myself, I think I showed a really good and positive personalities. So I don't think I didn't meet of their criterion. How do you think? Do u think that wanderlic test was my reason of failure?


8.For the oral board, I found lots questions to prepare ,but some specific scenario questions I couldn't find any answers on the internet. They didn't ask any questions "common" you can find in a test prep book, like what will you do if your partner stealing in a supermarket or if your partner fake the evidence to catch a suspect. BUT the point is , I'm not a native English speaker, my oral doesn't sound very good, does this really matter? I wear business professional during oral board, so attire shouldn't be a problem.


9. I used to be in the tracking team , so everytime during fitness test, I run 8'30" of 1.5 miles and about 42" for 300m test, I have heard the rumor that don't be too shiny during physical, is that true?


So far, I only thought that much, and thank you so much for every officers and applicants fellows who take patience to read and answer my questions. Please forgive my bad expression and hopefully you can get my points.

Quote:I can run 100m about 12'4" now and finish 100 push-ups under 2 mins, but they are useless in a police test.



Wait 4 ur reply!


Thank you!



RogueSailor says ...

Hello Ladies and Germs...

Most of you know me as a goofball and usually the one fighting to save dreams... even though the fight might be pointless... I still believe in dreams.


NUMBER ONE: You are the biggest factor. TAKE A GOOD HARD LOOK IN THE MIRROR. Think about it. If you WANT it bad enough you will do everythign legally possible to become a cop.

NUMBER TWO: When you post on this site- you are asking for an opinion. ANOTHER PERSON BEHIND A COMPUTER'S opinion. They could be anything from an 8 year old paste eater to NYPD POLICE CHIEF- its the INTERNET.  Stop taking things so personal. I know it's harder said then done... I have my moments as well. I'm far form perfect.

NUMBER THREE: The TRULY only people that can tell you NO is the actual department- departments vary so one might say no another might say yes. I suggest, doing some research about the department and area you want to be a police officer in, writing down a bunch of questions you'd like answered, shower and dress nice, march down to that department and start asking away. Remember someone on here could tell you yes or no... but until you get it from the actual department... then you truly don't know.

Also remember a lot of us have been on this site for years. I remember posting things and getting my butt chewed... DON'T TAKE THINGS SO PERSONALLY... And my FELLOW PL VETS- remember common sense and a sprinkle of kindness....

Stay Safe Ya'All

Miss you mucho


Embrace your dream and protect your honour!


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A gracious good evening to you Ice..Due to your having asked current officers or applicants for help,SORRY.I'm just one of the dunderhead old retirees with twenty seven years on the job as a Police Officer and Deputy Sheriff,ergo,am not qualified to assist you.