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Posted over 5 years ago


Looking for recomendations for a boot for summer. Here's what I'm looking for in a boot, any recomendations would be greatly appreciated:

Breathable, lightweight, 8", side zip, black

Some that I am considering are 5.11, I went through a few pairs of these about 4 years ago but after 9 months they'd start to fall apart, not sure if the construction is better now. I was also looking into the Oakley boots but they are not side zip. Maybe they are so great that I can sacrafice side zip?

Any opinions are appreciated.


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From my experience 5.11, Oakley, Magnum and low grade boot's of the like are a waste of money. I would suggest buying Danner's if you can afford them and they recently came out with a side zip boot for about $180-215. I wear Danner Acadia's which were $285 with the 200g thinsulate which even in hot weather (Colorado) they don't get too warm. The break in period for Danner's is about two week's but they are comfortable and wear well. I would also suggest trying Rocky's boots. I have been told they are just as good without the Danner price tag however I do not have any personal experience with them. I had many pair's of the lower grade boot's and can tell you that my Danner's were well worth the money. Hope I helped in some way. Stay Safe.


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I have had good luck with 5.11 wore my first pair about 2 years, wore the tread on the bottom almost completely off.  have 1 pair of Rocky's, but cold never get them broken in enouhg to wear for an 8 hr. shift, so now use them for winter snow shoveling & chores, a couple of hours is fine,  have a pair of Danners, seem to be pretty good, but am wearing 5.11 still, as I haven't taken the time to properly break in the Danners.