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Posted almost 6 years ago


Hey everyone, I'm just finishing up the academy, and like all good rookies, I foolishily bought too much.  I have things that were purchased, put on my belt, and for one reason or another, I chose to go in a different direction - how else are you gonna know?  Anyway this leaves me with quite a bit up for grabs.  All items were put on a belt but never taken outside, and all will ship in original packaging.  Email me @ if interested, have questions, or would like pics.  If buying several things, discounts can be worked out.  Thanks.

-Bianchi Accumold Elite Sam Browne (soft velcro); Basketweave; Silver Buckle; Size: 32"; $55 shipped

-Bianchi Accumold Elite Double Mag Pouch; Basketweave; Hidden Snaps; for 9mm/40 Double Stack Mags; $35 shipped

-Bianchi Accumold Elite Handcuff Case; Basketweave; Hidden Snaps; for Hinged Cuffs; $25 shipped

-Bianchi Accumold Elite Pager/Glove Pouch; Basketweave; Hidden Snaps; $15 shipped

-2 Aker Open-top Cuff cases; Basketweave; one for hinged, one for chain; $18 each, $30 for the pair

-Jay-Pee Open-top Flashlight case, Basketweave; for Streamlight Stinger $20 shipped


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If you don't turn this gear on this site I highly recommend you attempt to sell on ebay. While chief I purchased all my gear on the ebay site. Require pay pal payment for both your protection and the buyers protection.