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Poll: Would parkour be useful to police officers?


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Posted almost 6 years ago


Let's face it, we can imagine a scenario with a few vandals or theives running fast and jumping over obstacles with ease, as they are chased by an overweight or inferiorly coordinated officer. Now just imagine if there were police officers that had the ability to out run criminals and make it over obstacles much more easily. They would be unstoppable.

For those of you unfamiliar with parkour, it's a dicipline of French that involves getting from point A to B in the fastest most efficiant way possible only using their bodies. It involves jumping, swinging, vaulting, climbing, and rolling over dense obstacles. The founder David Belle adapted climbing, gymnastics and martial arts to create a way of getting through obstacles with ease.

This would likely cause a great stir of contriversy and it would be expensive to train officers to perform these movements with a consistency required for it to be useful in the field. However, it would be better to look into it, than for criminals to escape on foot because the officers were simply inadequit physically.