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Need K9 Information ASAP!!!

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Posted almost 6 years ago


Our agency is working to start a K9 program ASAP and I need some assistance.  Could any of you please provide me with statistics on the amount of seizures made by your K9s as opposed to without.  I also need sample K9 policies.  We are looking at a single purpose narcotics detection dog.  Please PM me with information and I will give my e-mail address.  Thanks in advance.  I am trying to show our county commission that the dog can fund the program without costing additional budget monies.

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Contact United States Police Canine Association and the amount of information on those two websites should satisfy any administration and provide the necessary information you need. Both are excellant resources.



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Dfrost nailed it on the head.

Also in your request submitt the calls for service such as alarms, drug arrests, burglaries in progress, and other calls you feel the K9 would have been used in your department. You can articulate the man power and time spent on searching and whatnot compared to the use of a K9 dual purpose dog.

There is plenty of info out in cyber space, but your best bet is to meet and sit with your city council or whomever you submitt to and see what they want and also build that bond that you know what you are talking about.

At my old agency I sat with the mayor for 2 hours and BS'd with him about k9 and how it could help our city with PR and good review.

He was sold before I submitted the request for the city to incorporate the program.

I'd also speak to your local agencies that your dept calls on for use and see what their stats are for out of area use, calls for service, and their policy.

Sometimes, the city departments like to see local and real stats rather than stuff they can't relate too.

Good luck , if I can be of more assistance let me know.


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