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Posted almost 6 years ago


I am an animal lover I have 2 cats. My girl cat was throwingup all the time so I took her to the vet she had polops so she could not go #2 or digest food Her Name is SOCKS We had to make a decsision to put her down because we could not afford the surgery,so we cried and morned we gave her up to GOD  I had layed hands on her before we took her to the vet,we said may your will be done if it is your will heal her,by the time we got back to the vet after leaveing her over night there the vet did the surgery and did not charge us for it because she did not talk to us yet and Socks was already under why put her under 2 times.We put our trust in the LORD and he came through now we have 10 days to see if she will make it for months or years what ever is GOD'S will. You see it is all because of HIM that we all live Thank YOU for dieing on the cross so we may be forgive and have a second chance at life and to be with you in eternity.

Heather Brewer