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Posted almost 6 years ago


I applied for the CSX Special Agent for the Charlotte NC region and got a phone call that I have been selected for an interview.  I'm curious if anyone knows about the interview process and pay scale.  They said there is panel of 5 that will interview me.  I'm a little nervious and very anxious.  I asked how many applied and they said 1800 and they selected 10.  WOW!!! That blew my mind.  Hope I have a shot.  I sure do want and need it.  I would appreciate feedback.


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Wrecks - I've been extremely interested in getting a special agent position with CSX, and I've submitted four applications over the past few months. All of them remain in the "Application Received / Pending" status. Unfortunately, as an outsider, I don't have any insight for you regarding what to expect from the hiring process. However, I would love to hear any updates / information you have about your experiences thus far.

I'm curious about what law enforcement and other experience you have that you feel helped you get the interview. Also, how long after you submitted your application did you get a response or change in status?

Good luck with your interview.

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