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Need help gettin it thru to the rookies

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Posted almost 6 years ago


Ok here it goes... I'm a Missile Security Forces troop I do ICBM security... Being that I work in the missile field out sites are disbursed across Co, WY, & NE, and we are nowhere near base. Every now and then when we do our weekly checks at our sites there will be a POV blocking the access road of the site. This happend to me about a year ago, I approached and contacted to see WTF this vehicle was doing at a missile silo, only turned out to be a lunch time "meeting" between a husband and wife. We dont have access to NCIC or CCIC to run plates ect... so we are esentally blind on information and we dont work with the Local agencies at all. I was giving this as an example one day to my troops and they said they would have used the PA to just twell them to move along with out making contact, I busted their chops and moved on to how to approach and contact ect... but they are still being ignorant on why we should approach and dont care about the approach/contact because "nothin will ever happen out here". IDK what to do to get it through their heads... I've tried videos and stories, but they still don't care... Any ideas or help?


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 Set up an actual scenario that you see as the WORST thing that COULD happen by not making contact and by making contact.  People tend to see things differently through visual scenarios!  Let your mind run wild on the scenario!  


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If you are their Supervisor, tell them they are going to do it your way.  If that don't work start putting a hook on the cars that are not supposed to be there.  The word will get around that you will be towed and the problem is solved.  And while your at it write up the hard heads that can't follow orders.


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Graveyards are full of folks who thought it couldn't happen to them.  If that's not incentive enough for them to do the job right, get them into another posting.  Half stepping always amounts to piss poor soldiering(no matter what the branch of service is).  Sure it's boring, but boring is good.  When it get's exciting it's because things have gone south.

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Nobody thought those planes were actually going to be flown into buildings on 9/11 either, until it happened.


Scenario for you. Homegrown or Muslim terrorists, militiamen, whatever.

Vehicle sits on the access road. Your guys approach with no regard for safety or protocol. In the vehicle are those seeking the uniforms and IDs and weapons to gain accces to the base. Your guys die. More do also. I don't want to because of my brothers incompetence.

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