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K9 Handlers needed ASAP

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Posted almost 6 years ago


I recently returned from AMK9 for a meeting and background check for their new contract with the State Department to provide security at the US Embassy in Baghdad. This contract is for a 1 year deployment paying a BASE salery of $96,000 plus a 10% bonus every four months. You also recieve two 25 day PAID vacations including airfair. You will be armed and working a single purpose bomb dog. They say with kennel pay and overtime you will more likely be making $130-140,000. Plus if you are out of the states for at least 330 days the first $91,800 is tax free. Meaning with the two 25 day vacations you have, one you come home the other you enjoy a paid vacation in a foriegn country of your choice.

I was very impressed with how professional they were and with all the current and future opportunites they had available. For this contract they are still looking for around 50 - 60 handlers and I thought I would share this opportunity wih the members of this forum. Below is the contact info and information for the contract and AMK9. Email them and title the email "BESF Contract - New Recruit). Attach a resume if you can and if not right a brief paragraph on your qulaifications and background.


Job Requirments

Age - N/A

Education - N/A

Experience - 2 years certified K9 experience in either military or Law Enforcement

Additional Requirements

Canine Handler qualifications - Min. two years handling Military Working Dogs or Police Service Canines* Min. one year experience handling narcotic or explosive detection canines* Ability to pass a National Agency check and criminal background investigation* Must be third party trained (i.e. Prior Military traiing from 341st CWDTS or Municipal governmant -Sponsered Canine Handlers Course)* Must be able to be approved for a valid US Passport before deployment* Must be able to obtaina secret clearance through the Department of State,



Entry Level Salary: $96,000

10% Bonus paid quarterly

Overtime Availabe



Abby Olivier

Ph: 407-333-8848



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AMK9 is flying me down on Nov 4th 2011 to take the Security Class. Im stoked! Next is training and then off to Baghdad.

Shad H.