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Hello, my name is Ian and i am 19 years old. I am currently attending college for criminal justice and am wanting to join the AF to be SF. I am really looking forward to it but i was looking for some opinions on it.

I am also interested in K-9 but i hear that takes some time? Also i can't decide if i wanna do 4 years or 6? Which is better and why?

Thank you for your help in my decidsions.


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Well I would have to say that you need to do the Law Enforcement, not Security Police side because I'm told, unless its changed that the LE side actually gets to conduct investigations and police operations.  The SP's are the guys that walk the flight line and or man the gates.  Check on that so you don't get shafted.  No, I'm retired army, but i have a lot of AF friends.

Once in then find an aspect policing that you like and train on it, so that you can be good at it and learn enough to get experience to take with you after you are done with active duty.  Once off AD, then stay in the Reserve Component because after even just four years, that is a lot of time invested towards a second retirement and if you stay in and continue your service you can retire with a second pension.

The niche you find in the AF will then help you should you pursue civilian LEO jobs.  You can take your training and experience and use it or at least be able to testify to it when necessary as a subject matter expert.  If K-9 or SRT (SWAT) is something that you get to do, then you can use it in the civilian career.  Get special training that may enhance your ability a little more over another applicant in the interview process when pusueing civilian employment.

Just my thoughts, so good luck on your quest.  Enjoy the traveling and see as much of the world as you can, so you can have great memories of your military career...


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I second what CSIGUY told you, I was a Marine MP so my AF experience isnt to indepth but from what I do know is if you are in the security side of things you will do little to no actual LE.

Find out from the recruiter if you can get an LE gaurantee on your contract or something like that if it is possible. But from what I can tell from the few US Air Force Bases I have been on they have a pretty decent LE program.

Dont rule out the coast guard or the Navy either. But stay from the Marines and Army because you will more then likely end up guarding some FOB in the middle of no where Trashcanistan.

Hope it helped some.



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I dont know if I caught this one too late, but from what I understand is if you are a reservist, you will be a field MP indefinitely, and if youre active, you could go either way (stateside where you do patrol, work gate, accident investigation, traffic, etc.) or field. Garrison MP-In the Marines you usually spend a few months at the gate (which gets old quick, let me tell you), then from there maybe move on to patrol. In my unit, we are a field unit, and train to do most things that grunts may do, fused with police work (non-lethal, arrests, vehichle/personnel searches, investigations, etc). Hearing from the other Marines I went to MP school with that were assigned to garrison, it sounds like we as field MP's actually do much more law-enforcement related training than the garrison MP's do... so its something to think about. Dont know if I just confused the hell out of you, but hope it helps.


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@ kansas raised

Not sure if your still watching this forum but hopefully I can provide you with a little insight.  I understand that you want to do SF and potentially K-9....well I'm your man since I have been there done that and got the T-Shirt. It's excellent that your attending college prior to your potential enlistment into the Air Force. Only question I have for you is, if your shooting for a 2-4 year degree why not get commissioned and become and officer? K-9 will certainly be a non-factor at that point but if your going to get the degree, might as well put it to good use...just my 2 cents! Now if you enter the air force and should happend to be selected into SF here are some things to expect as well as some things not to expect...good and bad if you will. As a brand new Airman E-2/-E-3 whatever you enter as, DO NOT expect to ride around on patrol and do the law enforcement aspect of SF....simply put it's not going to happen. Don't expect to be on a main gate, as a new airman your first year is going to be spent gaining your upgrade training requirements and learning your job which more than likely will begin on  a flight line guarding aircraft for 8-12 hours. I remember getting to my  first base in 02' with the mentality that I was going to be on patrol and running the road.....I was sadly mistaken. So in a nut shell expect to do alot of training and learning before you see the LE side of SF because LE is a privilige, security on the other hand is a promise and everyone has to do've got to earn a spot to become a patrolman. As for K9, the requirements change like the weather as far as the rank you need to be, and time in service (how long you have been in the military) before you can apply. I've seen where at one point E-3's were able to apply then I've also seen where only E-4's and above are able to all  depends on the current regulations. Keep a clean nose, stay out of trouble and volunteer to help out at the K9 section and make sure it's something that you really want to do because it is a tremendous responsibility and being a dog handler is alot more than what meets the eye. Good luck to you on your journey and if you ever have questions drop a line