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Aftermath Inc K-9 Raffle

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Posted almost 6 years ago


Aftermath Inc appreciates your dedication to the communities you serve and protect. Like you, Aftermath is there to asist the communities you serve during dificult times. In recognition of this exemplary service, Aftermath is giving away one fully trained K9 police dog to the winning entry in the Annual K9 Giveaway.

Aftermath is a nation-wide Biohazard remediation company with over 15 years of experience dedicated to easing emotional trauma and the proper recovery and clean up of an untimely and unforeseen accident or death. Aftermath has worked closely with Law Enforcement for over 15 years and has searched for different ways to give back to the Law Enforcement Community for their continued support. We offer training classes and PPE bags as well as our constant support of county, state and national associations. The Aftermath K-9 Drawing was the idea of Chris Wilson, President and Co-Owner of Aftermath and the response so far has been overwhelming. Each officer from every department has the ability to register for our drawing.

The 1st drawing could not have went to a more appropriate department as Lower Allen PD was in the beginning phases of raising $16,000 to add a K-9 Unit to their department. Aftermath is also going to assist them with national exposure in order to raise the rest of the funds needed.

Winning department will receive $8,000 towards a new K-9 dog + Training.

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