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ipad apps?

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Posted almost 6 years ago


I purchased an ipad.  Does anyone have any apps that they would recommend, or any tips that would help.  Its our first product from apple and its takin a little to get used to. 

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What kind of applications are you looking for?

I can recommend alot of them.


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 Please tell us what kinds of things you are looking for.  There are thousands of apps.  I have an Ipad and planning on getting an Iphone this summer.

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For those of you who want to use apps on the Ipad or Iphone here are a few


Mobile Iron



Field Contact

Crime Reports





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An Ipad is just a big version of the Iphone.  The're good for Web browsing, but by no means have the Capacity or Storage that a CPU does,

I.E. Desktop or Laptop are probably triple GBz .  iPads are More equivelant to a Net or Notebook used for browsing the internet, but not much more than that. Once too many pixs and other documents are stored on iPads and other Tablets, it's either a wrap for these devices, or the speed of browsing is slowed down tremendously. 

As mentioned, there are thousands of apps~for everything.  After you download iTunes, you will be able to sync it with your home or office CPU.  More often(if you can find it) a download for itunes is stored inside the iPad and found on the menu bar, then you can just download it from there, it will probably take less then 2 minutes.  It's very easy to do a search of what App you want when you learn how to Navigate via iTunes, and from there you will have the  ability  to use the search bar to locate your App of choice.

Note and FYI for iPhone and iPad owners. 

There are aps such as findmyiphone and ihound that will help you "recover" your iPhone, What they don't tell you is not to "SUSPEND" your phone before you do a search.  Once you SUSPEND or report your phone as LOST or STOLEN, these apps DO NOT work.




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This is kind of new, but you'll soon be seeing some iPad, iPhone and iPod touch apps that are capable of identifying suspects in the field using a fingerprint or face captured image. In your case, your iPad would make use of an accessory that captures a fingerprint or the iPad's camera to capture a face image and it would then send the image(s) via encrypted WiFi or 3G to a remote fingerprint or mugshot database for matching. The database would return a result within 8 seconds.