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Poll: SB5 Rundown

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Poll: What's your take on the current SB5 ?


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Posted about 6 years ago


 For those wondering what the current SB5 will do to us, here's the OPBAs cliff notes on the matter.  if anyone has more current information, or any idea when action will/should come, I'm sure we are all interested, or should be!

Proposals in the Bill include the following:


Removes the requirement that deadlocked safety forces go to binding conciliation; instead, extends the prior union contract for one year.

Removes health insurance from collective bargaining. Management will select the insurance policies and employees must cover 20 percent of the premium.

No longer requires that once a subject is included in a contract that it becomes a mandatory subject of future bargaining.

Defines "impasse" as a lack of agreement after 90 days. After that point, the Bill requires each side to make its last, best offer.

Prohibits public employers from picking up any portion of employee pension contributions.

Eliminates by state law automatic pay increases for experience and education.

No longer makes longevity or seniority a deciding factor when management imposes layoffs.

Allows local governments in fiscal emergency to terminate or unilaterally modify a collective bargaining agreement.



Details of haw the State plans to bring fiscal solvency to the retirement fund for the bulk of Ohio's safety forces were finalized. The proposal needs the legislature's approval before it takes effect.


Police and firefighters would pay an additional 2.25% of their salary - a total of 12.25%- into their retirement account. Instead of being implemented immediately as originally planned, the increase would be phased in over 3 years.

Raising the normal police and fire retirement age from 48 to 52 years old.

Delaying cost-of-living adjustments until the retiree reaches age 55.

Requiring employees to contribute more toward health care.


100 Years from now ..... all new people !!


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Rate This | Posted about 6 years ago


Is this a joke?  All I have on my screen is a bunch of strike throughs.  I believe to ask someone to poll on something with no information is a bit disingenuous.

I won't be wronged, I won't be insulted, and I won't be laid a hand on. I don't do these things to other people and I expect the same from them.

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