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HazPay and other compensation

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Posted about 6 years ago


I have received several emails regarding HazPay and other compensation.  Bear with me as I attempt to discuss this topic without violating OPM and TSA policies.

HazPay is granted only when an EDCH enters and removes or returns explosive training aids to and from the storage magazine.  Typically, only two handlers per shift are authorized this pay and it is on a daily basis.  HazPay is 25% of your base pay and is granted for the entire shift regardless as to how many hours you actually handle them.

Overtime for home care of the canine is at the discretion of local management.  That is, managment may opt to pre approve 14 hours of OT (one hour per day within the 14 day pay period) or allow you to leave work one hour early each duty day and approve 1 hour OT for each day off.

If you work on Sunday you are entitled to Sunday differential, which I honestly do not know what the percentage is.  Also, if you work any hours between 1800 and 0600hrs, you are entiltled to night differential, which too I do not know the precentage. 

You get 10 Federal Holidays off each year.

A take home vehicle with issued credit card for fuel, maint, and toll pass.

All canine related expenses, i.e. vet, supplies, food, boarding (if needed due to certian TDY's, vacation, etc.) are paid for by the agency.

All Handlers, if wanted, are issued a home kennel for use to house the canine.  It is big and requires a footprint of a minimum 5' X 12'.