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Posted about 6 years ago


Logging in today I find a big colorful splash graphic depicting a police car and touting "Police Cruisers: The Embodiment of the American Spirit," and linking to the 10 Best American Police Patrol Cars.

Which I can't help but find ironic, given two facts:

First, the police car in question is an RCMP car.  That's the Royal CANADIAN Mounted Police, for those not paying attention.  Sure, the logos have been photoshopped out, but the striping is very distinctive.

And second, the Crown Victoria pictured is indeed built in Canada.

One thing I learned from several years of watching over-the-border Canadian TV is that Canadians are generally rather adamant about NOT being Americans.  On the contrary, they tend to be quite proud to be a completely separate country, regardless of the fact that a ridiculous number of Americans are geographically challenged to the point that they don't realize it.

Just a thought.  :-)