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BDUs vs Pay

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Posted about 6 years ago



I am a Corrections Deputy for Kent County Sheriff's Department  in Michigan.  There has been recent talk of BDUs being our uniform to some degree and I'm trying to research this issue. 

If you work Corrections for a Sheriff's Department and wear BDUs, is your pay any different than your department's road patrol?  If it's different, is it higher or lower?

Did changing your uniform of the day have anything to do with your rate of pay?  If so, did it raise it or lower it?  Or have you been wearing BDUs for years and don't know why your pay is different?

If your line staff wears BDUs, what does your administration wear?

If you respond would you please add informaton about your union/association please.  This may be an issue of negotiations for us and I am researching in preparation.

Thanks and be safe,




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I work for a state prison system.  All security now wear BDU's.  We transitioned over about 15 years ago from a traditional uniform.  Had nothing to do with pay, everything to do with durability.  They are easier to clean and more comfortable.  No change in pay or status.  BDU's and bloused boots should be the UOD for all corrections/prison facilities.  Just my opinion


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Attire and pay=confusion


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You two might consider posting an Introduction in our Introductions Forums so folks can get to know you a little better.

It tends to get comments to your questions a little more readily.


Check out the Facebook page. It was established in 2008.


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I'm with you uncledennis. Don't really see the correlation between the two.


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I'm also with UD, uniform should not influence pay..... Sure in most cases jail and road deputies are paid differently but they do two different jobs. Not saying one is worth more than the other but the jobs are different and have different budgets, unions, etc...............

If you can explain the situation and give us a little introduction maybe we can better understand and answer your question.

The above comments are soley those of the poster and in no way reflect the position of the Department of Corrections.