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Puttin' down da Pats

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Posted about 6 years ago


So, I just have to relay the following incidents that have happened to me this past week.

#1:One of my buddies, in private corporate security, not LEO, but could have been, and a number 1 MIAMI fan calls me after the Pat Down Game and says "I have never rooted for the JETS before but I couldn't help myself as they finally put those cheaters in their place!"

And then a waitress in my local Alehouse (shameless plug: Always a good place to go for a brew and the game!)  who served me a wonderful prime rib while I was wearing my JETS hat felt compelled to confess that she was a Dolphins fan and that she rooted for the Jets because she can not stand the Patriots! 

WOW! All I can say is beware chowder heads-what comes around really does go around!