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My Wife's Fear

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Posted about 6 years ago


Recently, we all lost a L.E.O. that was beloved by the town of Rainier, Oregon. Yesterday, I overheard my wife in a convesation that she told her friend. Since I am a Security Supervisor at a Downtown Portland,Oregon hotel, she is afraid of losing me like  Chief Painter. It is very hard to explain to her that  no matter the  how I defuse  any type of situation, there are times that something can happen to me. I work near  the old town area and I am the only security that wanders around the area of my hotel. I have always gone by the saying that," if my internal alarm system goes off, avoid the area."  I honestly do not think that my bosses  understand  what I know what I can handle and what I can not handle. WHen my alarm system goes off, I back off and advise non emergency. This does work for me. The police officers understand when I call for help, I do know that they need to take over the situation for me.


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Tell her what you commented here.