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Central Fl Free Training for Narc K-9s

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Posted about 6 years ago


Folks, I am hosting a 40 hour course in Feb 7-10th 2011. It will be hosted by the Lake County Sheriffs Office in Tavares.  There is no tuition for this course.  Your only expense is time and lodging if you are not able to drive to and from daily.

My intent after taking the course 2 yrs ago was to make it availble to local handlers,  there are only 16 seats plus a few additional for supervisors who are not working dogs.   Below is the link feel free to check it out and join the class if you can.  I dont check this site often but if you need to contact me my email is


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Pleasure to see trainings such as this. Have had many dealings with mctft over the years and they have always been pleasant. Good luck and stay safe.