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K-9 Housing

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Posted almost 5 years ago


Are there any K-9 handlers out there that house their partners at the Police Departments instead of their home?  If so, what are the pros and cons of this?


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The biggest drawback is expense. Someone still has to be responsible for the dog during the 16 hours that it isn't working. Cleaning kennels, fresh water, exercise and feeding still must be accomplished on a daily basis. You either pay the officer time to go to the kennel and perform these tasks on his off-time, or you hire someone to do that job. Secondly, you have to build a facility that will house the dog, pay the light, water bill etc. Third, there is a loss of time on training days. The handler has to drive to the kennel, pick up the dog, drive to the training area, then return the dog to the kennel when training is done. Also, although it isn't as critical as many handlers feel it is, is the loss of bonding with the dog. It is a consideration, but not the deal breaker. The deal breaker in most canine units would be the added cost.

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 Also a loss of critical time for call-outs. 

 I love when admin tries to strongarm handlers away from their home care by threatening to have the dogs housed at the PD or a local kennel. They obviously hadn't considered the costs, liability and inconveinance for all parties involved.