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Ghosts of Frederick County, MD

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I live in Frederick County Maryland and apparently there are enough ghosts and sightings here there is a book written about the places where you can “see” ghosts.
The book is entitled “Ghosts and Legends of Frederick County” this book is sold everywhere throughout the county, and yes I do have a copy.

I found the following article online today and S.I.G.H.T., the Scientific Investigation of Ghosts & Haunting Team investigated an alleged building said to be haunted. The building is in the downtown Frederick area, and is full of old buildings that probably date back to the Revolutionary War.
The most well known haunted places in Frederick are the Schifferstadt ArchitecturalMuseum which was built around 1758.The ghost said to haunt the SchifferstadtMuseum is named Jeremy and he has been seen in theattic window of the Museum.
The Hessian riginally built to accommodate two battalions of soldiers; these barracks soon became a repository for mercenaries fighting for England. The site is listed with the National and State Registry of Historic Sites and it has been used as a Revolutionary War prison, staging point for Lewis and Clarke expedition, State Armory in 1812, Civil War general hospital, and FirstMarylandSchool for the Deaf.Barracks waso
Thomas Johnson was the first governor of Maryland and legend has it that he liked to gamble, and he lost quite often. The lost part of the land that adjacent to his home which is now a FarmMuseum and people have seen the ghost of his Labrador running across the land that now is the high school.
There are many places in the county said to be haunted, some restaurants, homes, HoodCollege, and the hospital are said to have ghostly residents.
I do believe in ghosts and have had my own encounters, but I’ve never seen the ghosts who live here.
By the way, the Blair Witch Project was not filmed in FrederickCounty; it was filmed in MontgomeryCounty.
Local Group of Ghost Hunters Investigates Historic FrederickBuilding NBC 25
FREDERICK, MD - It's not the ghost of Christmas past they're after, but one group of paranormal investigators were recently on the hunt for ghostly phenomena in one historic building in Frederick.

S.I.G.H.T., the Scientific Investigation of Ghosts & Haunting Team has shed some light on the issue for the past 5 years in the Four-State Region.

Using their supply of scientific equipment, they wired, video-taped and measured many locations within Brainstorm Comics in downtown Frederick to record any unnatural phenomena.

The building, which was once a mortuary, dates back to the 19th Century and is said to be haunted.

The team used instruments like infrared thermometers and electromagnetic field meters to measure unusual fluctuations within the building.  They attempt to rule out all natural answers to a phenomenon before they speculate further.

There was nothing conclusive about this experience, but the team could attest to "something" going on.  Unusual sounds, lights, and even smells were observed on occasion.

"Even if we don't know what causes this phenomenon, we know that it's happening," said Angela Souders, a S.I.G.H.T. investigator.  "We have substantiated that experience for that person - that they are experiencing this.  They felt, they've seen it.  We've have proof that it's happening.  What that is - we're still learning.  We don't know all the answers.  If we did know them, we wouldn't be here doing this."

The S.I.G.H.T. team will meet at a later date to study their findings and share their evidence of paranormal activity.

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