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Fellow LEO needs HELP

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Hey everyone how about checking out this article and spread it around. I tried to post it on news feeds but they are down at the moment and with Christmas around the corner this Brothers family needs help..I hope this works      Thanks Brian...


Donations can be sent to the following locations:


Cowlitz County Hall Of Records

312 SW 1st Ave

Kelso WA 98626 (Please only mail donations to this address) 

Cowlitz County Chaplaincy

PO Box 2578

Longview WA 98632

Phone: 360-425-7222 (Please only mail donations to this address)

Kelso Girls Softball Association

PO Box 83

Kelso WA 98626 (Brent’s wife, Julie, is president of the association)

United Way of Cowlitz County

1338 Commerce Ave Suite 211

Longview WA 98632

Phone: 360-423-5320…(Clothing Donations accepted here….there are two adults, a 19 yoa female, 19 yoa male and 17 yoa female…unknown specifics on sizes yet).

Red Canoe Credit Union

1418 15th Ave/PO Box 3020

Longview WA 98632

Phone: 360-425-2130 (Brent and Julie Harris Fund)

Any additional questions, please, feel free to contact Chris Koehler at: 

Cowlitz County SO (Washington)

Sheriff Mark Nelson

**Sheriff Nelson said his biggest goal is to get enough money for the family's immediate needs to include Christmas gifts**


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