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Reaching Out To Baltimore, Ma (Eastside)

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Posted about 6 years ago


Hi you guys;

I'm reaching out to anyone who might know Inv. Scott Henry with the East District (1620 Evinson Pkwy) in Baltimore, Ma.  My daughter Shiquanna Erwin has recently relocated there with a crazy relative(unknowingly). Inv. Henry is making provisions to get her to safety due to the offender in the assault to another person because of the female relative. The offender in the assault fled the area after using butcher knives in the assault and has not been located at this time.

My conrades in blue in the Eastern District, please assit in keeping her safe for me, I don't have the offenders name but from what i hear he if a repeat offender and violent but Henry does.   But if  you see a need for me to travel  there please let me know.