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Posted about 6 years ago


Hey all! I am a police officer for Durham, NC. I am a huge collector of patches and my Cpl. is a huge collector of police memorabilia. He came across a leather Madison police jacket, however, when it was sent to him, the patches were removed and the stitching was left behind. He is specifically looking for 2, used Madison patches so he can "restore" the jacket. And of course, since he's looking for two, I'd like one too for my own collection (new or used, doesn't matter to me) since that is actually a patch I don't have yet.

I would be willing to send 3 of my department for 3 Madison patches, or 3 other patches from my collection for trade. I don't have too many other trading patches other than my department, but I do have a few other kinds.

Please e-mail me at (goes right to my phone) if you can help me out.

Thanks all!