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Invitation to all Police Officer

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Posted over 9 years ago


As a valued member of the academic community, you are invited to attend the National Students Safety & Security Conference, which will be held on October 25 & 26, 2007, in Las Vegas, Nevada.

We invite you to join experts who will discuss various complex issues surrounding violence in campuses and student safety and security.

In addition, you will also be able to hear critical insights from universities who were able to survive and recover from violent incidents. Do not miss this great opportunity to meet our speakers and have a chance to raise your concern or ask questions to the experts.
The National Safety & Security Conference offers two full days of case studies, insightful keynotes, and best strategies to prepare you for any violent emergency.
If possible, could you kindly reply via email or call me at (202) 558-6183.
open also to all those who wants to be a speaker for this conference