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Poll: The New TSA screening

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Poll: The new TSA screening procedures with body scan?


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Sorry...this is just wrong! It looks like the screener is wearing Muslim headwear.




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Given all the reports of people being groped by these TSA (thosands standing around) agents WHY have none been actually charged by any Airport of other polce agency for sexual assault? Mr Tyner," don't touch my junk" is now being investigated by the TSA and could face an $11,000.00 fine What is wrong with our govt?


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Gee, these TSA guys are real heros!  And this just scratches the surface!  CAIR is telling Muslims to tell the screeners that they will pat down themselves.  Lunacy!

El Al has a great security record.  Let's farm the security out to the Israelis as long as we are sending all our jobs overseas.

What more needs to be said.  There are videos on the web of searching a 10 year old boy, and stories of all kinds of sexual assault are surfacing daily.  One lady claimed a couple of TSA "agents" ogled her breasts and pulled her out of line for a scan, then joked about it to their buds.  These thugs need to be arrested and tried for sexual assault, but they are immune to the law inside their "crime free" airport zones.  Why won't they be charged?  Because our politicians (particularly the administration) will come after and destroy anyone who gets in the way of their power grab.  Those that protest or "make waves" will have their ID recorded and will be investigated.  Would you want to be investigated by the FBI, DHS, & NSA?  Not me!  Even if you are innocent, you will have your life destroyed and will probably be found guilty of "something."

I used to think that those who thought our government wanted to dismember the US were conspiracy nuts.  Not so much anymore, the evidence is mounting on their side.

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LOS ANGELES, CA (Catholic Online) - New York Senator Charles Schumer wants to make it illegal for anyone to distribute or record images produced by full-body scanners at airports. Schumer introduced a bill over the weekend that calls for punishing anyone who misuses full-body scan images by up to a year in prison. They could also face fines of up to $100,000.

Privacy advocates say there are insufficient safeguards to ensure that the images produced by the machines remain private and confidential. The scans from the machines can see through people's clothing.

The Transportation Security Administration, or TSA says the images cannot be stored, transmitted or printed and they are deleted after use.

Two bombing plots by al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula has encouraged the TSA to intensify airport security. Specifically, a Nigerian man hid a bomb in his underwear last Christmas, in addition to a recent attempt to send package bombs via U.S. cargo carriers. The Nigerian man was foiled and neither of the package bombs detonated.

Travelers and pilots have complained about potential health risks that the scanners pose, and that they are far too intrusive. The alternative is a physical pat down by a TSA officer.

Passengers can opt instead for a pat-down that includes the crotch and chest.



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If anybody wants to look at this 60 year old body or strip search me go ahead. I can use the excitement.

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