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Corrections Officer(Formerly)

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Posted over 6 years ago


Well, I guess I'm sorry to bring this up to the Law Enforcement Community for discussion, when there is nothing really yo discuss I guess. But, to try to put the record straight...

I'm a VOLUNTEER  Firefighter, non-paid service provider to my Community. 

I was a VOLUNTEER Police Reserves Officer, a non-paid service provider to my Community.

And my FULL TIME JOB was working at the Jail.

I was not show boating. My wife knew "N" longer than I did, reasoning that they grew up in the same town. I'm not from the same community as my wife.

Intension were, that we were going to wait for Uniformed Officicers. N was the who jumped out impatiently. The other 2 males. I'm sorry for not being a man I guess for being only 5'5", but Im 5'6", 1 inch type-o doesn't matter. Anyways' the other short and tall males high tailed out, when "T" called 911.

"Domestic Violence" is considered a priority call where Im from.

Hope this clears alot more up. Again, Sorry to bring up such a non discussion.




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What did you say? I'm going to take a nap now.