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I'm sorry if this sounds stupid but i dont know much about the whole law enforcment thing but i want to become a cop and i was wondering are women allowed to be on the SWAT team?? I was also wondering, since i'm only going to be 18 when i graduate from high school and you usually need to be at least 20-21 to be a cop and actually be on the streets, would it be okay to be a MP for the Navy for 2years or so and then just go apply to be a cop when I'm done?


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If you are set on Military Service that would be a great suggestion with the way things are headed in Police work would be to start into College from 18-22 years old or at least Community College. Any sort of degree will put you ahead of military applicants...right or wrong? just my opinion and I was military prior to LEO. Women are allowed to be on SWAT teams in any capacity given the meet the team entrance standards for shooting, fitness, temperment etc.