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Florida and Georgia sheriff patches

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Posted over 6 years ago



I am a police officer in Elmhurst Illinois and I hve some of my own dept. patches and some others that I would like to trade. I am mainly interested in Georgia and Florida county sheriff patches.



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The Georgia patches I have are                                               The Florida ones I have are

Houston CSO GA     Columbia CSO GA                                 Hilsbourough CSO FL      Duval CSO FL         I need 59 more.

DeKalb CSO GA      Hancock CSO GA                                    Dade CSO FL                    Manatee CSO FL

Franklin CSO GA      Lowndes CSO GA                                    Palm Beach CSO FL        Collier CSO FL

Carroll CSO GA       Ware CSO GA                                              Brevard CSO FL                    Santa Rosa CSO FL

Whitefield CSO GA   I need 150 more


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Hey i dont know which Lowndes patch you have but I have both the new and old. If you are willing to trade, i'd like to have the Houston Co patch. Hope to hear from you.

Wiley Gammon