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Poll: Flagstaff, AZ Police denied starting a free K9 Program

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Poll: Would you be willing to email/write/fax/call our City Council Members, Mayor, &/or City Manager to let them know how important & beneficial a K9 Program would be for our city?

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Posted over 6 years ago


A K9 Program is IMPORTANT! How can we make our voices heard?

First, keep re-posting our FaceBook Page:

Let's start a campaign! We should let EVERYONE know how important this is!

Remember, you don't have to be from or live in Flagstaff, AZ to support the starting of the K9 program in Flagstaff Police Department.

I-17 ends at Flagstaff and I-40 runs east and west through Flagstaff. We need a new "tool" for the "tool belt" to help! When drugs aren't stopped in Flagstaff, they bleed out into other communities...maybe your's.

And no, we're NOT actually asking for any money. Sharing our Page with other people, helps spread the word that the City of Flagstaff does NOT have a Police K9 and we SHOULD.

If you believe in Police Officer safety, community safety and the benefits of what a K9 can do, then send in a letter or email of support to the City Council Members, Mayor, City Manager, local media...whomever you think should take a stand on this issue.

Thank you so much for your encouragement and support! We are hoping that enough people will send emails and letters to our Mayor, City Council, City Manager, and local media to let them know that there is a strong desire for a Police K9 in Flagstaff.

I believe the Mayor and City Council members were never given the opportunity to officially learn about the K9 program, what it could do for the City or that it would be basically FREE to the City! (Or at least would have been basically free before the program was turned down. Now we would need to beg the private donor to reconsider us, if the City decided to move forward. However, I'm not above begging a donor to reconsider us!)

In a time when so many programs are being cut and services for our citizens are being reduced, WHY would the city not take advantage of all a K9 program could do for them? Especially seeing how it would be practically costless to the city or its citizens. Sounds like more for less to me!

The citizens of Flagstaff also never got hear about this amazing program or give their input. Let's change this! I believe that Flagstaff is a dog passionate city and would like the added safety, security, and abilities that a Police K9 would bring.

To email the whole City Council and Mayor:

Mayor Sara Presler:

Vice Mayor Celia Barotz:

Councilmember Art Babbott:

Councilmember Karla Brewster:

Councilmember Coral Evans:

Councilmember Scott Overton:

Councilmember Al White:

ABC 15 (news station) To submit a News Tip:

Daily Sun (Flagstaff Newspaper) -

-- Email address:

-- Newsroom FAX number is: 928-774-4790

-- Daily Sun mailing address is: P.O. Box 1849, Flagstaff, AZ 86002

-- Editor Randy Wilson,, 928-556-2254

To submit a letter to the editor go to:

Thank you all again!!! I really can't say that enough!

*I would also LOVE to hear any ideas you have on how to get our voices heard! How we can reach out and let people know! Thank you!!!


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A K-9 program is so important and valuable to an agency.  Anyone with knowledge and understanding that a properly trained K-9 team can save a department time and money in the long run and make every officer safer.

Please Help support this agency start a K-9 program by submitting your thoughts and concerns to the city council that is listed in the first post.


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Just wondering what the City Manager's response to why he does not want a K9 unit deployed right now.  You did say he wanted to wait a couple of years before starting the unit because of financial issues.  There are a lot of other costs that go along with running a K9 program than just purchasing the dog itself.  The handler will have to attend a K9 school (also a cost) for a few weeks, pulling an Officer off of the streets.  A squad must be dedicated as a K9 car (hopefully a new one) and has to be fully equiped with a heat monitor and approved car kennel.  Equipment, home care, vet costs, food and other incurred cost murough a reecst be accounted for.    

I know you probably hit up on these issues in the report.

I recently attended an LAPD K9 training class taught by their head trainer, Sgt. Doug Roller.  Their K9 unit is partially funded by sponsorship from local corporations and the sale of K9 t-shirts and other items.  You can probably contact them for further ideas. 

Good luck in your quest.  You have my support.

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Update for anyone who cares. Spoke with a council member today, a Mr. Art Babbott. He apparenlty is going to raise the issue at the next retreat, yea right, but he replied in an email to me saying,

" We will likely have to cut something out of the PD budget to accommodate this but am ready to have that discussion."

I am a former Flagstaffian my self and really do love the city so hopefully there is some progress.

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Flagstaff PD and the City have said, "NO" to the K9 program.  They say not now...we'll start a K9 program later.  They have been saying this for years.  The financial portions were going to be covered by a donor for ALL the start-up costs, minus a vehicle.  And arrangements were set-up to handle the vehicle issue.  Also, we had support from citizens who were willing to donate funds to help with the K9 Program.  STILL the issue was dropped/denied.

My husband finally relingished his attempts and is now leaving Flagstaff PD for another agency who is starting him as a Special Agent K9 Handler.  We tried for over 2 years creating and providing policies, legal information, program set-up, funding through donations to prevent the city from having to fund the program, and much more.  It's a fight we're done with and that's sad because Flagstaff really does need a K9 program.

Thank you for your interest and support.