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Female LEO Uniform Pants - FREE!

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So after YEARS of complaining, tolerating, begging, ripping, sagging, adjusting and altering the horrible pants we get to wear on duty -  I finally had a hand in starting a company to make pants JUST FOR US. 

Her BlueWear Uniforms is the name to watch for ladies.  I have tried everything and even though I didnt mind 5-11 pants, and tried the Ladies Choice by Elbeco - I found the LC pants polyester quality pilled really quick and the zipper was still to long.  I actually went to a friend who started this company and it is getting off the ground as we speak!   Pants will be all they make for a little while, but we have discussed a line of plain clothes for detectives to actually hold up/fit a gun on dress pants or inside a jacket for a shoulder holster...


The company will start its launch in Ohio (where I am from) first in the next few months.  We are looking for AMBASSADORS to wear the pants and give us feedback as well as either blog about them or tell neighboring departments.  I know they are great for patrol-wear but if your C.Os or Dispatch are uniformed they may want to try a pair of pants with a bluejeans fit..  Ambassadors get a pair of pants FREE

One Ambassador per department max..  All you need to do is send me  a P.M. with your personal email and one of the staff at Her BlueWear will get in touch to send you the info.  The pants are semi-custom made so you they should fit great!    Get back to me  soon !!

Send me any questions as well.  Grlcop624     GUYS feel free to give the info to a female in your department too!


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Hello !! I am a female Police Officer with the NYPD. I want to applaud your efforts in making us uniforms that we can wear. I too was flirting with the idea of making us duty pants because it's so frustrating .... but you beat me to it lady !! LOL.... But... good for you, I support your endeavor and will promote your company to the woman of the NYPD !! I have been an officer for over 13 years and I had all my pants altered to the extreme !! My alteraton costs are more than the pants alone.  I've desroyed near all of them with the exception of one lonely pair that I have been wearing to death !! .... Literally !!   I would love to participate in trying your products. I am between a size 8-10 in reguar pants and a large in shirts. I am a 36 D breast size. Please incorporate lycra stretch in the polyester.... we need some extra give while on duty. My uniform color is midnight navy. (NYPD) And our duty trousers have the 1/2 inch black braid piping down the side. I believe our department calls them class B. Please keep in touch..... my pants are almost DOA !!!!

Best of Luck and Stay Safe

Always wear your vest........