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Posted over 6 years ago


Hello Fellow Collectors,
These badges have been in my collection for some time, due to the economy it's
time to part with them as well as other items from my collection in the next few
weeks. You can see pictures of each badge showing the front and back.
Please see prices for badges as follows or give me your Best offer:
Gulf Coast Recovery #86 hallmarked: Collinson-Enterprises $85
St. Maries, Idaho Hallmarked: Entenmann-Rovin $350
Wells Security Officer Hallmarked: Ed Jones Inc $65
Tombstone, AZ Marshall Badge (One issue badge from current style) Hallmarked:
Custom Insignia $400
Texas DPS (Internal Affairs) Hallmarked: William Anderson $125
San Francisco Sheriff (Deputy Rank-Movie Prop) still a nice piece to have No
Hallmark outside of saying "Movie Prop" on the back $85
Illinois Chiefs of Police Association (Buckle Up Prevention) Hallmarked: Symbol Arts $150
Security Officer (Assurance Rank) Hallmarked: Sun Badge Co. $85
Miami-Dade Police Chiefs of Police Hallmarked: CopShop.Com $135
Please click on this link to see pictures :
*Let me know if you have any questions and serious inquiries only
please *