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Military Police to civilian LEO

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I am an active duty police officer in the USAF Security Forces. I will be getting off of active duty in about a year and a half. Does anyone know if there are any classes I can take or anything I can do to get my civilian law enforcement certification before I leave active duty to make my transition that much easier? I wil be trying to get on with Memphis PD. Also, is the training the same for prior military police or is there a suppimental course to get acquainted with state law, regs, and ROE's (rules of engagement)?


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The only state that I know of that will allow military training to carry over in a shortend academy is Florida. That said, I would have to call a friend who I work with to get the specifics. Memphis PD huh!! You must like low pay and danger! j/k, I pick on Memphis because I have lots of family in Knoxville and we disagree on the best college team in the state.

All military service is a bonus, you probably will find that it ends there. Don't go into an interview and immediately drop your military quals or schools....unless they ask. Too many people come into interviews or background checks with the investigator only to end up annoying them with yakity yak that they will come to in time.

What your going to find easier than most people who never served is the academy, culture, and weapons indoctrination. I also would begin contacting departments NOW, and start putting your line out in the water with several agencies so that you can have choices if MPD doesn't work out as soon as you would like.


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Flipper 831,

I too was an SP in the USAF from 85-90. The training you have had will only help. The basics I learned from the USAF helped build a good foundation for my civilian police career. The best adivce I could give you is to keep your nose clean and once you get back to CONUS to make contacts with the local, and county PD's that work near your base. They are a great source for information on what to do to get ready for the process. Also make contact with Memphis PD's recruiters if that is the agency you are currently interested in. I would not recommend limiting yourself to one agency.

If you have not already done so try and work on your CCAF degree. College and Military can only help in the process for getting selected.

Best of Luck!


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