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need help for school project

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I am from Ontario, California and I am currently studying Criminal Justice. I have a school project that is due August 27th. I need to set up an interview with an LEO, Detective, FBI, CIA, etc., but would love to interview in my fields of interest. Two fields that I am most excited about are Aviation and K-9. If that is possible, that would be so great! Please contact me via this website anyone that can help. Thank you for your time. Project: 15-20 questions that ARE NOT yes/no answers. Will take approx. 1hr. I need to submit a proposal to my instructor A.S.A.P. Thanks again amanda

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I would suggest going to a local PD and doing a ride along, or calling their recruiting department or public affairs office and requesting some help. I am sure they can help you and it'll be more personal and on a face to face basis.