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A question for command staff

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Posted over 4 years ago


     I have just ended a two year legal battle over the loss of my job as a police officer.  After another officer accused me of using excessive force on a prisoner,  I was fired.  Despite the fact that the DA's office cleared me of any wrong doing, the prisoner going on record as saying I did nothing inappropriate and being completely uninjured, and the department's defensive tacticts instructor testifying I did nothing to violate policy or state law the arbitrator who heard my case still upheld the department's decision for terminating my employment.

     I have applied and tested for employment with other department's and been extended conditional employment offers, however after learning about the arbitrator's decision the offers have been withdrawn without affording me the opportunity to show the evidence proving my innocence. 

     My question for those at the command staff level...is there anything an applicant in my situation could say to you or do before you would give them an opportunity for employment?  The cost in time and money to continue applying to departments is becoming a problem and I'm trying to decide if I should continue trying to pursue my career in law enforcement or move on to something else.  Your insight would be appreciated.


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I would attempt to schedule a conference with the chief who terminated you. I would make him aware of the fact you are seeking employment and inquire what documents are available from your personnel jacket to share with potential employers. Without a court order I doubt is they will furnish you a copy of the IA investigations that cleared you. Seek an appointment with an attorney who may also be  a former police officer. You do have a hill to climb. Best to you.


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Doesn't he have a right as the party involved to FOI the IA paperwork.  I have always gotten a copy of any IA's that I have been a part of.  I just have to pay the cost associated with the copying and all.

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