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Posted almost 7 years ago



I am going into the Air Force soon and was looking for some more information from previous or current  USAF K-9 members.

Since I started looking into the Air Force this is the only AFSC that has truly caught my attention, and once I have served my country I would like to get into a state law enforcement agency and continue with the K-9 handling.

If you have any advice tips or stories about the training, the work, or life and careers once out of the AF (or any branch for that matter) it would be much appreciated.

Thanks guys!


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Well first and foremost thankyou for your decision to server your country, it's a wonderful and courageous thing. If K-9 is your intrest i'm assuming you've already signed the dotted line to send you to lackland to begin training as security forces after basic of course. The advice I like to give people who inquire about K-9  is to keep your nose clean (stay out of trouble) and take every opportunity to learn about the career field because it is so much more than what meets the eye. When you get to your base, go out to the kennels and ask to help out or observe training, feeding, medicating. It wouldn't be bad to come in a do a ride along with a hanlder on a day off and see how the shift differs from a flightline patrol or regular patrol unit. Your gonna have to do atleast 2-3 years of service and obtain your 5-level training certification before you are eligible for a retrain into the K-9 program. I served in K-9 for 5 years so I've answered alot of questions about it. Feel free to ask whatever