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K9's---need some help

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Posted almost 7 years ago


I have just been advised that I have less than two weeks to instruct at our citizens police academy.  Being the only K9 handler in my dept., I get to teach the K9 portion.  I am trying to get a lot of material together to make sure my Chief doesnt kill me.  I am not having much luck on finding videos that I can actually save to my computer. 

That being said, if you guys have any videos that can be inserted either into a powerpoint or be saved to hard drive or disc (the wireless internet in the training is sketchy on a good day) I would greatly appreciate it if you could email it to me.  Also, if anyone has any papers or powerpoint presentations that you are willing to let me plagerize, please send that too. 

Training videos (either bite or dope sniff), tributes, funny....I will take it all.



K9 Brian Turner 916

Harriman Police Dept.