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Please Adopt A Soldier if you can....

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Posted about 9 years ago


I have been part of this organizatin for a couple yrs now. It's a great group that has people adopt soldiers over in Iraq. It is to help the troops in many ways but a big part is to support the troops and let them know we support them. It is free to join. You fill out the info. and they will send you a soldier to send mail and maybe a care package a mos if you can afford to as many of them get no mail and mail day is something they look very forward to over there. If you have ever been there you know how this feels. I have a very good friend that was deployed to Iraq (a marine) about a week ago so I will be adopting him and can't afford to adopt another as I'd like to so if any of you can help please do. This is the email I receieved earlier from the organizatin.


We really did good at Christmas. Heroes Love to be adopted!

We got this quote,

\"Your organization is highly coveted and recommended by all. Is it possible if we can be added to the Soldier\'s Angels program. We\'ve got a lot of young soldiers who are experiencing difficult times for their first deployment, and external support from our nation\'s greatest supporters would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.\"

It is wonderful we are able to help with morale.

Will you adopt another hero?

Or will you please cantact your local churches,

schools, hospitals, Scouts? Many of our sons and daughters are in harms way and could use some support from home!

If you are an approved angel financially able to adopt another hero please login to

and click the link \"Request an additional soldier\", or tell all you can to go to and click adopt a soldier.

Thank you for helping!!


Patti Patton-Bader

626 398 4224

Chris Agostarola use rep# 380993
http://www.celloinabox.comshopaff.asp?affid=987 use rep #1686