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Prayers Please

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Posted about 6 years ago


A Windsor Heights, IA officer needs our prayers as he battles Hodgkins Lymphoma for the third time. He has tremendous strength and courage to face this for the third time. In reality it probably never went away but this will be his third round of treatment after tests revealed less than cured results.

I have not sought permission to give his name out so I will not but I do consider him a great friend, role model, not only to myself but others, and a great police officer.

Thank you


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Toata compasiunea mea pentru prietenul tau, acum cand are mare nevoie de sprijin, mai ales moral, in lupta sa cu aceasta boala. D-zeu sa-i dea sanatate. Si aceleasi urari de bine si tie, pentru modul in care ai cautat sa-ti ajuti prietenul, in aceasta lume in care multi sunt preocupati numai de propria persoana. Cu respect,de la un politist roman...


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Lord hold and keep this Officer, Heal him lord so he continue as a Warrior for the Lord.


"It's Never To Late To Be What You Could Have Been"