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Fatal train derailment near Washburn

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Posted almost 7 years ago


WASHBURN — A man has died in a train derailment south of here.

Washburn Fire Chief Clayton Verke confirmed a man died in the derailment. Another man was taken to Bismarck in an ambulance earlier for injuries sustained in the derailment.

No ages or names of the men have been released.

The McLean County Sheriff’s Department received a 911 call about the Dakota, Missouri Valley & Western Railroad derailment at 11:46 a.m. At that time, one person was reported injured and another was believed to be trapped inside a train engine.

Two of the train's engines fell to a lower bank of Turtle Creek, and three other engines were hovering over them. Crews backed up the three higher engines, and people began assessing the two lower engines. Emergency personnel were trying to get inside the lead engine to search it. Crews were digging around the base of the engine with picks and shovels.

Authorities are uncertain how many cars were attached to the engines or whether the cars had anything inside them. The cars, which did not derail, did not contain hazardous material, and the only such material that authorities are concerned about is fuel.

Verke said it appears the base beneath the tracks collapsed, causing the engines to tip to their side.

A crane and two semis are on scene, waiting to lift the engines from the bank.

“Right now, one engine is still on the tracks, just hanging. Dirt moved away beneath it," Verke said about two hours after the derailment. "We’re waiting for a crane to get here, so we can get those other trains out of the way. Then, we can go back for the other two.”

The railroad goes over Turtle Creek near Washburn’s golf course, about 2½ miles south of Washburn.

The Highway Patrol, Washburn Fire Department and Wilton Fire Department are involved in the incident.

-Bismarck Tribune