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FTO applicant

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Posted almost 7 years ago


Het everyone. been a member awhile, but this is my first post. I have 20+ years on the job and have recently put in for FTO. I was an FTO many years ago and at that time, we were hand picked (back in the mid 90's). I've been to the FTO 40hr class and have done everything from investigations, undercover ect. I have a great resume and many years in patrol. I'm tired of seeing 2-3 year officers teaching new recruits. It's my goal to have a veteren FTO in the unit.

Anyway, They have decided to have an oral board this time. I'm going up against 17 others. Some are sharpe, some too young or medicore Officers.

Does anyone have any idea of what standard type questions they may ask during the oral board. They also base on past disapinary problems (which is crystal clean), report writting, supervisor input and so on.

Again any type of questions I may be looking at to help prepare my answers would be great. Thanks. Board should be next week. Thanks for any input.




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Semper Fi,

Based on your experience, you shouldn't have a problem.  Appearance is a plus(fresh hair cut, pressed/creased uniform & shined boots/shoes).  Be confident & relax.  Sell yourself(experience/leadeships qualities/schools-inservice courses/training).  Know your General Orders/SOP'S.  Remember these key words on what a board is looking for, "train, re-train, counsel, & documentation"...  Try to get a hold of a FTO manual from a current FTO to prepare & also talk to a current FTO that's not participating on the board for information/preparation.  Good Luck & Stay Motivated...


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