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Man shot & killed in SE North Dakota

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Posted almost 7 years ago


WYNDMERE, N.D. (AP) One person is dead after a shooting at a bar in Richland County.

Sheriff Larry Leshovsky says the shooting happened about 1 a.m. Thursday at the Four Corners Bar in Wyndmere, after two men got in a fight.

Leshovsky says one of the men left, came back with a gun, and shot and killed the other man.

The shooter fled but was stopped by deputies who spotted his car.

The names of the men have not been released.


Richland County authorities have identified the man arrested in a deadly bar shooting in Wyndmere early this morning. 46-year old Steven Rowland of Wyndmere is facing a murder charge. He's being held in the Richland County jail. The shooting at Four Corners bar in Wyndmere happened around 1 a.m. Sheriff Larry Leshovsky says Rowland got in a fight with another male. He left and came back with a gun. The sheriff says it appears only one shot was fired. The victim has not been identified. The bar is at the junction of highways 18 and 13. Leshovsky says there were only a few people in the bar at the time.