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My Cousin the Mason

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Posted about 7 years ago


Hello everyone from Kentucky. My Cousin Jeffery called me the other day and stated that he is a nason, which I knew. He stated that he joined a group called the HillBilly Masons that dress like Hillbillys durning events and Fairs. They do this and raise money in the process. Jeff stated that he was looking for Masonic pins and patches from other states and regions. He stated that he is also looking for Masonic Pins as well. He stated that he has seen some kind of Police Group Masonic patch and pins before while traveling tp other stated for fund raisers and Masonic meeting.

Let me admitt upfront, I am not a Mason, Yet!? I don't know if I am going to join or not but know several Policemen that are members. I know its a great group and I should. I might someday, just don't have the time and fund to do it.

The reason I started this topic is Jeff asked me for help with contacting people from other States. He stated he would love to buy items from Masonic members. He stated that this is a Mason's event reason only. That he would use the pins and patches to apply to his HillBilly dress up clothes. I guess the Masons that the fund raises to heart, and he wanted to let people know that this will be used for that cause only.


I would like to help him find these Masonic items, and thought I had Thousands of friends here, and I know several of ypu have to be Masons. So I told him I would ask this group.

So if anyone can help my cousin out with any pins or patches, I will get them to him, or give him emails, or numbers to contact each ither to work this out. I guess its a good cause, since money they raise goes to the Shrine Hospital to help with kids burns and broken bones.  So if you can help him any at all, it would mean alot to him! He was just awarded last week for a Coat fund raiser that he started and got over 300 coats for needy kids. he takes pride in this Mason stuff. I am sorry I don't know nothing more about it. I just know he is a Mason, and will not tell me no more about the secrets about the ORG.

Please contact me if you can help Jeffery out. Email me or PM me here. And thanks again PL.

I love each day like its my last! Why do we are have to be so serious?