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Just take a minute to help one of our own

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Posted about 7 years ago


 Hi everyone~  Day before yesterday, a friend and fellow LEO wife posted on facebook and then I grabbed it and now we are trying to run with it. Last May, an officer from my good friends husband's department got into a horrible accident on the way to a call.  He ended up getting pinned in his SUV.  While he was pinned in the car, a piece of garbage came over to the car, witnesses from nearby said, "Looked like to help him."  But this kid jumped in the car, stole his wallet, star and gun then grabbed officer Densey's head and twisted it back and forth in an attempt to permanently paralyze him.  Officer Densey ended up in a coma and paralyzed but by miracle of miracles has been successfully rehabbing and has regained some movement.  His fiance at the time, had a judge come in and marry them as soon as he woke up from the coma but they are now in a contest that will give them their ultimate dream wedding for free if they get enough votes.  The voting is not difficult, crate and barrel asks for your email and to make up a password.  Then you go back into your email and click on the link.  This prevents one person from voting hundreds of times.  I haven't gotten any spam from them since signing up - and I signed up with two different email addresses *hee hee*.  Anyway - they are currently in 12th place with just under 900 votes, but the couple in the lead has 3,600 votes.  Please go vote for them by clicking the link below and if you know anyone else who will take thirty seconds to go vote, please ask them to do so.  My DH got it onto one of the most popular cop blogs here and the other blog picked it up as well from a few requests.  I'm trying to figure out a way to get the info to the Denver police department since that is where Densey did months of rehab first and the Denver department was really really good to them.  Anyone know anyone in Denver?

Anyway - it will take less time to vote than it did for me to type all this.  giggle  I know many of you already have.  I think that together we can all work across the country, and have the potential to blow everyone else out of the water!  There is 5 weeks left of voting.

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Don't sweat the small'll dehydrate


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voted. this is also posted on another forum and there are tons of responses there