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looking for info about this item

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Posted about 7 years ago


I have a medallion from the Connecticut State Police Association dated July 16th 1918 from the 16th annual convention. The top piece has a sailing ship and says "New London" with a pin on the back. That piece is connected to a piece that hangs off of the top piece. The bottom one says "Connecticut State Police Assn. 16th Annual Convention July 16 1918" and depicts a ship sailing away from the New London harbor im guessing. Both Pieces appear to be made out of bronze. The makers mark on the back reads "The Whitehead & Hoag Company, Newark, NJ" I was hoping I could get a little more info about it. I have a photo on my computer of it but you can only upload photos from websites here. Email me at for the photo or if you know something about this item. Thanks for any help in advance.

Oh, and I have gone to Whitehead & Hoag's website but found nothing.