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Officer Shot/ Donation for Officer Shelton

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Posted about 7 years ago


Hello Everyone,

I'm calling on everyone to help out Officer Sean Shelton who was shot in the line of duty. Patrolman Sean Shelton was shot twice by an ambusher in a home on Sunday Febuary 07, 2010. Officer Shelton was airlifted to the Med in Memphis, TN late Sunday night. Officer Shelton entered a home on Polland Rd after a woman, returning home feared suspect Lawrence Richardson was inside. The woman had been treatened by Richardson, an ex-boyfriend. The lights in the house were turned off and she knew something was wrong, so she called the officer to check out the house.

The woman's daughter was also present when Officer Shelton entered the dark house.

Officer Shelton did an excellent job.

It's believed that Richardson's game plan was to ambush the mother and daughter. Richardson secured rope and plastic ties to the coffee table, readying it to hold down his victim's. A butcher Knife and a 22 Caliber Rifle were found in the home. See attached memo.

Officer Shelton works for the Crenshaw Police Department, and please pass this e-mail alone in your contact list. Thank you all for your help and support on this matter

February 11, 2010





To Whom It May Concern:


On Sunday, February 07, 2010, Officer Sean Shelton with the Crenshaw Police Department was wounded while in the line of duty. Officer Shelton was airlifted to the MED in Memphis, Tennessee where he has undergone surgery for the injuries he sustained.


Officer Shelton does not have any health benefits provided for him through the Crenshaw Police Department. Officer Shelton is a husband and father to six children. It has not been determine when he will be release from the hospital on return to duty.


We are asking for donations for Officer Sean Shelton and his family during this difficult time. If you are interesting in making a contribution, please contact:


Captain Cedric Davis Detective Darryl Linzy

Tunica County Sheriff’s Office Tunica County Sheriff’s Office

(662) 357-5147 (662) 541-5200



Donations can be mailed to:


First Security Bank

Officer Sean Shelton Fund

Post Box Drawer 3

Crenshaw, Mississippi 38621


Please keep Officer Shelton and his family in your prayers.








Captain Cedric Davis


Criminal Investigation Division


Tunica County Sheriff's Department