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Kechi K-9 Controversy

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Posted about 7 years ago



In case you haven't heard, this is my old department....


Who would take a well trained, experience, highly successful police drug dog in the prime of her life and draw a random name out of a fishbowl and allow just anyone to win her in the “lottery”? Answer: The Kechi, Kansas City Administrator. Yes, that is right. The email I receive and the follow up phone calls made, confirmed that the Kechi City Administrator is taking a well established police dog and putting her out in a “lottery” to just anyone who wants to put their name in. Forgetting the fact that the person may not be suitable, and will have no experience or ability to maintain such a well trained dog, whom has had several thousands of dollars spent training and maintain her. This is appalling! It is insulting! It is incredible!

The letter claims that after the handler left the department, the city council, police department, city staff and their veterinarian were supportive of this idea. After a number of phone calls, it was confirmed, the City Administrator acted alone on this without any of their support!!  After an outcry, the city council put a hold on it until the next council meeting. Eva apparently has some special medical needs and the former handler (who is willing to take her), and the police department have done a great job at taking care of her.

PLEASE, PLEASE, speak up for the police canine Eva, and the Kechi police department and call or write to the city council members and flood them with an overwhelming number of responses. Give a voice that needs to be heard! As the email I received said: “As Mr. Tallman says in his letter:  “Please share with your family and Kechi neighbors this opportunity…”  If you are not from Kechi, or even from Kansas, PLEASE, PLEASE email or call the city council’s numbers below and let us overwhelm them. Don’t let her go to just anyone. She needs to be cared for properly and by appropriate handlers. If you are from around here, please be at the city council meeting on Thurs., Feb.11th at 7:00pm. There are already a number of citizens who will be attending to speak up for Eva and her well being. PLEASE, email or call the council members and speak up.

Mayor: 744-8293 -

City Council Opat: 744-9853 -

City Council Yost: 744-2674 -

City Council Jacobs: 744-3134  -

City Council Riemann: 755-0181 -

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For anyone who hasnt heard the outcome of this issue, the council decided last week in a unanomous vote to allow the officer who is Eva's trainer to take back possession of her.  She is back with him now.

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That's great that her handler got her back !!! GOOD JOB !! to all that helped get the city council's attention !

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